Easter in Lower Lusatia – Video

Here’s a nice VIDEO I recently encountered (via Wendish / Sorbische of the World), showing traditional Easter customs in Lower Lusatia, including of course the famous wax-resist decorated eggs. It is in German, with English subtitles.

The video description says this video was made because it wouldn’t be practical for visitors to come see the Easter celebrations in person, in 2020.

Summary of the topics (but really, watch the whole thing; it isn’t that long)

1:25 wax resist eggs
3:00 scratch eggs
3:24 eggs decorated with colored wax
7:33 Easter bonfire
The straw figure of the “witch” is also in many places described as representing “winter” (visualized as a grouchy old woman — a memory of Morana, the goddess of winter, the embittered widow of the agricultural god who died at harvest).
9:14 collecting Easter water
10:06 Easter singing
12:34 egg rolling

Would you let a class full of kindergartners use hot wax and live candles? They are braver than I am!

One of the speakers describes her understanding of the symbolic patterns and colors on eggs:

triangles -Holy Trinity
3 triangles together – family (mother, father, child)
wolf’s teeth (zig zags) – protection
honeycomb – hard work rewarded with good harvest
sun’s rays – warming power, light, good luck, happiness
blue – sky – future, faithfulness
red – sun – love, friendship, “everything good”
yellow – sun – power, prosperity
green – hope, fertility, honesty

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